Cremation diamonds

GIA certified, cremation diamonds are real diamonds from the ashes, hair, or a combination thereof from your lover or beloved pet. Your beloved can always be close by, held in the timeless beauty, brilliance, and strength of a cremation diamond.

Compared with naturally mined diamonds, cremation diamonds have the same chemical composition, atomic structure, and visual appearance. The only difference lies in the source of the carbon – cremation diamonds are made from the ashes and hair of your loved one.

Cremation Jewelry

Providing years of comfort and remembrance, turning your beloved’s ashes into cremation jewelry or your pet’s ashes into cremation jewelry makes for an unforgettable commemoration, and in time, will be a lasting keepsake for future generations to enjoy.

Solitaire diamond designs focusing on the main stone and the simplicity of wear are the two common specialties shared among cremation diamonds’ cremation jewelry designs.



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Personalized Remembrance

As a personal and heartfelt farewell and reunion, cremation diamonds keep your loved one close by.

The decision to turn your beloved one’s ashes into cremation diamonds or to turn their ashes into cremation jewelry, such as turning ashes into rings and pendants, is the best commemoration possible It allows the family, or couple, to stay forever together.

Cremation diamonds are a touching symbol of love, loyalty, and remembrance.



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