Memorial Diamond Pendants

EverDear & Co.’s memorial diamond pendant is the perfect choice of cremation jewelry to forever honor your beloved, wearing a necklace for ashes that have been transformed into a stunning diamond. While traditional diamond pendants rely on halo or pave settings to make them appear more flashy or brighter, our cremation pendants have been designed to highlight the clean look and tasteful reverence of a single diamond. When it comes to memorial diamond pendants, EverDear & Co. knows what counts. The memory of your loved one will be eternally enshrined in this pendant, a fitting homage to be wore close to the heart.

As for earrings, a bezel setting and a three to four prong setting are the most suitable for cremation necklaces with diamond pendants. A bezel setting is a great option for those who require a bit more protection against any possible damage to their cremation necklaces. Prong settings are the way to go to set off a necklace for ashes grown into a wonderful diamond where you wish to enhance its sparkle and viewing angles.

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