EverDear & Co. Cremation Diamonds from Ashes

Memorial Diamond Rings

What separates our diamond cremation rings from the rest? There’s always the classic solitaire diamond with 4 prongs, and if the mission is to dazzle and impress, a halo or pave setting will most likely satiate your desires. But when it comes to thoughtful cremation jewelry, the memorial diamond ring is without equal. Our single diamond approach lends focus and dedication to the memory of your beloved. The result is a refined and exquisite cremation jewelry diamond ring that will stand the test of time and hold part of your loved one forever.

Our six-prong setting is the most popular when it comes to cremation jewelry rings. This setting provides a great balance of security and increased shine throughout the diamond, creating more brilliance. Another great option for cremation rings is the bezel setting. This is ideal for active people who need extra protection for their cremation jewelry rings. If you are looking for a more creative and innovative design, the tension setting will fit the bill. Held by pressure, your cremation jewelry diamond will appear as though it’s suspended in air.

How to choose the right cremation rings size?

Nothing’s worse than ordering a ring that ends up not fitting properly. Thankfully, this can be easily avoided by following one of two methods. The first involves taking a ring that fits well and comparing it to sized circles. Hold the ring over the circle, making sure the inside matches up with the outside diameter of the sized circle. If you come between sizes, order a size up. In the second method, take a piece of non-elastic string or a strip of paper at least 6” long and ¼” wide. Wrap around your finger and mark with a pen or pencil. Compare this to the size chart and order up if between sizes.

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