If you can’t find the answers to the questions you have in mind here, please call us at (888) 441-1148, or drop us a line at cs@everdear.co. Any inquiry from you would be very much appreciated!


What if the diamond gets lost during shipping?

We only use logistics services that are highly reliable. Your cremation diamond will be sent to you via registered mail service. Once we have sent it, we will also provide you with the corresponding tracking number, you can check its whereabouts whenever you want. There has been no reported cases of any loss up till this point. If, unfortunately, it happens, we will notify you as soon as possible and ask you to send in extra ashes and/or hair at no extra cost; you can also opt for a full refund as the whole process is insured.

Can the jewelry be sent to whichever country I reside in?

Yes, it can be sent to your country of residence. However, there is an extra fee for international shipping depending on your courier service of choice.

Is there a shipping fee within the United States?

There is no shipping fee within the Continental US. However, cities or states that fall outside the Continental US are subject to a $50 shipping fee.


Is it a real diamond?

Yes, it is considered a genuine diamond. You could certify it with independent gem institutes such as GIA or IGI, or let us arrange the certification for an extra charge.

Is the diamond GIA-approved?

Yes, the diamond will meet the expected ratings on the GIA scale. Take note, though, that each diamond is different due to the unique nature of the individual’s ashes and therefore there may be some variation with the diamond as it can essentially fall anywhere within the entire GIA/IGI grading range. For more information, please check out our Terms and Conditions.

Transformation Process

How is the diamond made?

We extract the carbon from ashes and hair, purify it, and then put it in a High Pressure High Temperature (HPHT) environment. Just like natural diamonds that are formed underground, a diamond is created in a similar environment.

How long does the memorial diamond process take?

The memorial diamond growing process is unique for each diamond. We cannot give you an exact date as to when the diamond will be ready. Based on our experience, it takes around 11 months due to COVID- 19.

Does the type of hair/ashes or color of hair affect the clarity and color of diamond?

No, it does not. Clarity depends on the carbon purification. The coloration of diamonds depends on the elements such as Boron or Nitrogen within the ashes or hair, which do affect the color intensity — not the color itself. The individual components present in hair or ashes may bring about a lighter shade or a darker shade as each body’s composition differs from another. EverDear can control the color range by separating undesired elements. However, the final color depends on its origins — every memorial diamond has its unique color.

Can I be updated in each step of the process?

Yes, you can check in with us periodically for a status update. When the diamond is finished and ready to be shipped, we will update you right away.

Payment and Tax

How to make the payment?

The total payment is equally divided into 2 parts which is also referred as first payment and second payment. You will need to settle the first payment after we have received your ashes/hair and before we arrange the production of your diamond. The second payment is due when we have completed your diamond and before it is sent back to you.
You can pay it by debit card, credit card, paypal or cheque (U.S. only). For details, please refer to our Payment Guide or our payment method page.

Are monthly installments acceptable if I'm unable to settle the bill within two payments?

Currently, we don’t have other options other than the following – 50% up front when placing the order and the other 50% to be paid before the final delivery

Is the price shown on the website the final price I will have to pay upon placing an order?

The price shown in the price list is only for loose diamonds. We offer optional service at an additional cost. Your purchase is subject to tax as well. Details will be given when you place an order.

Since the diamond will be shipped from the US, are there going be import fees?

We cannot guarantee how customs will treat the diamond exactly. If any tax/fee is required to receive your package, a refund will be issued. We have had very few problems shipping abroad to various locations including the UK, Canada, German, Australia, and Singapore.

Order Process

How to place an order?

To place an order, please fill out an order form HERE. We will then reach out and provide additional details regarding payment and shipping. Once we have received the ashes, the first half of the payment should be made within the next seven (7) days.

What if the diamond turns out to weigh less?

Every order is processed individually. The components of the ashes are unique for every person. We use our knowledge and experience to create the diamond, but we cannot predict or control the final color. If the diamond falls below the specified range, we will refund you the carat loss proportionally.

Hair/Ash Submission

How do I send you the ashes?

If you have placed an order, we will send you an ashes submission guide for your guidance. Please make sure to seal the carbon sample before sending it to our office.

Which shipment service should I use?

This depends on the country that you will be sending your ashes or hair from. Please make sure to choose a reliable carrier, such as USPS and FedEx, and use a registered mail service with a tracking number. Please provide us with the tracking number so that we may track your order thoroughly. No matter what your choice is, we highly recommend the ashes or hair be labelled as “carbon sample for lab analysis” to effectively facilitate the shipping process.

How much hair or ashes are required? Can I combine hair and ashes to make a memorial diamond?

Yes, you can. This is dependent on the total size of diamonds that you would like to order. Generally speaking, if the number of your order is small, 50 grams of ashes are good enough, the more diamonds you order, the larger the required amount of ashes could be. You don’t have to send us all the ashes.

Do we need to wash or clean the hair prior to shipping?

There is no need to wash or clean the hair before sending them to us. It will be cleaned and sterilized in our laboratory.

May I provide less ashes if there are not enough of them available?

Yes, you may provide less ashes. However, we will need carbon source of another format, for example, hair. In such cases, we suggest that you provide your own hairs or that of your other family members instead as a supplement since the required amount for hair and/or ashes cannot be changed randomly.

Apart from ashes, what else can we provide as the material? Can we make diamonds from hair and teeth?

Materials containing carbon can be used to make diamonds, such as hair and pet bones. You can combine both source types (e.g., ashes and hair) and multiple people/pets in one source category (e.g., hair from an entire family, including your pet). However, do note there will be an surcharge for submitting both ashes and hair as the carbon source.

Can both human ashes or hair and pet remains be used to make one diamond?

Yes, this is possible. Please refer to the Order Instruction page. This page provides you with the information needed for you to send the correct amount needed to make your diamond.

Can a tiny piece of bone be used instead of ashes to turn it into a diamond?

If you do submit ashes with a tiny piece of bone together with the ashes submitted, there should be no problem with it. However, It is not recommended to submit bones alone without a the amount of ashes as suggested by our ashes-submitting guide. The reason is, the amount of carbon can be extracted from a piece of bone is unpredictable and we are unable to give you an exact amount of bones that you need to send to us to complete your order.

How many grams of ashes and/or hair would I need for a 1 carat diamond?

For a one (1) carat diamond, we will need 100 grams of ashes or 2 grams of hair. If you do not have enough of one of the two components, you can always combine your loved one’s ashes and hair together to create a diamond. If you decide to combine it, we will need 50 grams of ashes and 2 grams of hair. However, do note the surcharge for submitting both ashes and hair as the carbon source.


What cut is the best for a diamond? What cuts do you have?

The cut is based on your personal preference. However, if you are looking for a simple and classic piece, a brilliant cut might be the best choice as it allows for the diamond’s beauty and light to be maximized. And we are actually specialized in making cremation diamonds of brilliant cuts. However, we can do many other cuts as per your preference. Some of the other cuts that we offer are the following: Radiant, Princess, Emerald, Asscher, Heart, and Uncut.

What sizes (in carats) do you provide?

Sizes range from 0.1 – 2 carats. Please do check out all available options on our official website.

What is the most popular choice of diamond?

For the most popular choice of diamond, most people would opt for a yellow diamond as yellow is the most natural color a cremation diamond presents and it also has a lower price than the other 2 colors. On the other hand, we also have a good number of customers who choose the colorless option.

What diamond size can you recommend to me?

The size of the diamond is dependent on your personal preference. While some people like their diamond to be smaller, there are others who would like for it to be bigger. Do choose the diamond that resonates with you the most — know that whatever your choice will be, the diamond will surely be a standout piece.

How do the colors form?

Using the most standard procedure, you can expect the natural color of a diamond to be dark yellow as there is no special treatment for yellow diamonds. However, if we remove the nitrogen and keep boron in the carbon, the diamond becomes blue. To make a purely colorless diamond, we need to achieve the highest carbon purity by extracting the carbon of these minerals.

Can I only order the diamond and not a piece of jewelry to go along with the diamond?

Yes, you can. The diamond is the main product; all other services are optional.

Price, Fees & Discounts

How much does it cost to create a memorial diamond?

Our price info are available on our website and it starts at 695 USD, which is the most affordable cremation diamond on this market.

Is there any discount?

Yes, we do. The discounts are as follows: 5% off for two (2) diamonds, 8% off for three (3) diamonds, and 10% off for four (4) or more diamonds. Please take note that the diamonds should be of the same color, same size, and same carbon sources.

What's included in this price?

This price includes your cremation diamond, our company certification of it, packaging, and U.S domestic shipping. There will be a surcharge imposed on your order if you want to do one of the following:
1) submitting both cremation ashes and hair as the carbon source, the surcharge is 95 USD;
2) using Fedex other than the standard USPS, the surcharge is 30 USD;
3) Shipping out of the US continent, no surcharge if choosing USPS, 150 USD surcharge if choosing Fedex;
There are also optional service you can choose that requires an extra charge. For example, laser inscription, GIA/IGI certification and jewelry customization.

How different is your price and the price of a natural diamond?

Memorial diamond and natural diamond are both genuine diamond, according to the Federal Trade Commission. But they are 2 different products where the value behind them are totally different, and we don’t usually compare their prices. Like natural diamond, a memorial diamond can be used as part of your embellishment, however, what’s more importantly, that’s where the soul of your beloved lives. By the way, we are actually providing the most affordable memorial diamond in the market.

Does it come with a ring or pendant? What's the price? Does the price include mounting and setting?

The diamond itself does not come with any piece of jewelry. However, you can place an order for a separate jewelry piece and we can mount and set the diamond in place for you. We have numerous jewelry settings to choose from such as rings, earrings, bracelets, and pendants. Should you be interested in a piece of jewelry, drop us an email or a message (via the contact page) and we will get back to you with the latest price of each jewelry piece.

Why are colorless diamonds more expensive?

The cremation diamond process transforms ashes or hair into diamonds. These ashes or hair contain trace elements that give the diamonds different colors. Naturally, the diamonds are yellow (due to Nitrogen). However, once the Nitrogen is removed, cremation diamonds tend to be blue (due to Boron). It is only when the ashes have been purified of all trace elements that the diamond turns colorless. As a result, colorless diamonds are more expensive as they require more processing and refinement.

Optional Service

Is laser inscription available for personal messages?

Yes, laser inscription to name your memorial diamond is available. However, please note that laser inscription is only possible if you opt for the GIA certification as well. Since each diamond is unique, its size may affect how many characters can be inscribed. If your ordered words cannot be inscribed, the amount will be refunded.

What is the cost to get a GIA certificate of authenticity?

The cost to get a GIA Certificate would be $350.

Jewelry Setting

What kind of finishings do you offer for the jewelry pieces?

We offer four kinds of finishings for our jewelry pieces: Yellow Gold, Rose Gold, White Gold, and Platinum.

Is the gold real or plated?

The gold of all of our jewelry pieces is real 18K gold.

Can you order the pendant without the chain?

All pendants do not include the chain. You will have to hook it up with a chain yourself when you receive the pendant.

Are remains also used in your jewelry metals?

No. The remains are only used for the diamond itself. We use the followings for the metal piece: 18k yellow gold, rose gold, or white gold.

Can I customize my piece of jewelry onto which the memorial diamond will be mounted?

For most of the cases, we can do a customization and we will impose a surcharge for the customized design.

Are there bracelet designs that can hold multiple diamonds? It seems that none of them do.

EverDear & Co.’s focus is primarily on “diamond solitaire” designs (designs with only one diamond). For bracelets, we only have designs that feature one diamond. However, you may browse our collection of rings as there may be a few that feature more than one diamond.

If I have a gold band ring with me and I am looking for a diamond to be fit into that, can I send you the ring and have you do that for me? If possible, how much would labor cost?

Unfortunately, this arrangement is not possible as we do not provide mounting service for any jewelry other than the jewelry displayed on our website. However, a number of our customers have chosen to buy the diamond from us and have it mounted onto their jewelry by a third party company. By doing so, it is actually the best option as it happens to be less expensive than purchasing a diamond from any of our competitors.

Does your price increase if I have a larger ring size?

Yes, our standard ring size is a US 6. If you are anywhere between a US 6 to 9.5, there is a $100 price increase. Should you need a ring that is a US size 10 and above, there is a $200 price increase.

May I know the band width for your thicker band rings? Is this dependent on my ring size?

Size of the ring does not affect the band width of the ring. Usually different designs have different band width, and the band width of our products fall into the range of 2 mm-5 mm.