Our Ashes to Diamonds Price vs. the Market Price

Expert Service. Unbeatable Price

The Value Behind our Ashes to Diamonds Price

Our product is a genuine diamond made from cremation ashes, filled with the invaluable meaning and essence of your beloved. They are produced and graded by our experts using the world’s most advanced high-technology.


  • Genuine Diamonds which may be Graded by the GIA or IGI
  • Exceptional Brilliance from your loved one
  • Unique and Beautiful Colors with Jewelry

How We Deliver Greater Value

  • HPHT Research & DevelopmentCutting-Edge Technology – Our innovative US-developed technology creates diamonds from ashes at a much lower price. Cremation diamonds’ cost is due to the complexity of the processes involved and the large size of traditional equipment used in standard processes. The size of our HPHT presses are 1/3 that of a Russian press but they provide 1000°C higher temperatures and 50 kbar higher pressures.
  • Direct Sales – EverDear & Co. does not sell through agents or distributors, which gives you value by saving you from paying for sales commissions on top of the ashes to diamonds cost.
  • In-House Production Management – Competing companies who don’t have the technology and facilities outsource the whole process, leading to 55% increased costs. EverDear & Co. masters in the in-house management of the flow of carbon purification and HPHT diamond growing, contributing to our competitive advantage in the cremation diamonds marketplace.

We have by far the most stable and most cost-effective know-how to turn carbon from ashes into gem level quality diamonds. Our cremation diamonds cost less than any other provider of similar size and quality.