Memorial Diamond Bracelets

You will fall in love with the elegance of our memorial diamond bracelet. Typical bracelets, such as pave setting pieces, contain numerous gemstones. A traditional example is the tennis diamond bracelet, which consists of a row of matched diamonds. While beautiful, this can be a very expensive option and does not offer the dedicated highlight of an individual diamond, the key focus in cremation jewelry. What sets us apart is our use of a unique, single gemstone design. Our cremation jewelry bracelet highlights the diamond in its purest form, a fitting tribute to the individuality of your loved one.

The bezel setting is the safest choice for diamond bracelets for cremation ashes. Whether you live an active lifestyle or are worried about damage to the diamond or other objects, this setting provides protection for your cremation jewelry through a rim design that surrounds the gemstone. With the bezel setting, you can confidently wear your cremation bracelet wherever you go.

How to choose the right bracelet size?

When considering cremation jewelry bracelet sizing, follow these easy steps. First, measure right below the wrist bone, where you’d normally wear a bracelet. You can use a measuring tape, string, or a strip of paper. If using string or paper, mark with pen or pencil and then measure with a ruler. Once you’ve come up with a measurement, you’ll need to determine whether you want a snug, comfort, or loose fit for your cremation bracelet. Add the corresponding length to your initial measurement: snug fit (1/4” to ½”), comfort fit (3/4” to 1”), and loose fit (1 ¼”). Now you have your size – it’s that simple to measure for perfect bracelets for cremation ashes!

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