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Lowest Ashes to Diamonds Price

Advanced technologies can sculpt and enhance modern life, including current memorial practices. Cremation diamonds are a beautiful, creative, and distinguished way to commemorate your loved ones. Since ancient times, diamonds have been reserved for only the wealthiest. To make turning ashes in diamonds cost less and be accessible to the general public, EverDear & Co. makes great effort to bring down the ashes to cremation diamonds process costs through technological innovation and cutting edge scientific research.

Every employee of EverDear & Co. has the mission to “promote cremation diamonds so that more people can possess a beautiful and meaningful commemoration of important moments”. We refuse to accept any compromise in product quality. From carbon purification to diamond crystallization, we complete each step following the highest industry standards to ensure that 99.9% of the carbon used comes from the life elements of your loved one, providing the best quality diamonds full of love, at a cost available to everyone.

Cremation Diamonds Cost Discount Plan

The order has to be from the same ashes.

To provide every customer the best ashes to diamonds price, EverDear & Co. also offers considerable discounts against the cost to turn ashes into diamonds for multiple orders from the same ashes source:

  • 5% discount on the total ashes into diamonds cost for orders of two of the same colour and size
  • 5% discount on the total ashes into diamonds cost for orders of two or more different colour and size diamonds
  • 8% discount on the total ashes to diamonds price for orders of three same colour and size diamonds
  • 10% discount on the total creations diamonds cost for orders of four or more same colour and size diamonds


  • Size and colour may vary to an extent as specified in the order terms and conditions.
  • GIA/IGI Certification, Laser Inscription, and Jewellery Setting are optional services and are only available at additional charges to the ashes to diamonds cost.

Best Price Guarantee

It’s our mission to make memorial diamonds more affordable. We review our price from time to time to make sure we have the lowest cost of turning ashes into diamonds for more families.

Price matching policies

As a customer-oriented company, EverDear & Co. strives to offer the lowest cremation ashes to diamonds price for our customers. To ensure we provide you with high quality cremation diamonds at the best prices worldwide, EverDear & Co. has developed price matching policies. These policies allow you the freedom to compare EverDear & Co.’s prices to other competitors.

When price matching, the diamonds should have similar features such as colour, clarity, cut, and carat (the 4Cs). Once you have concluded your research, please send us a link or copy of a competitor’s offer. EverDear & Co. wants you to be happy with your purchase, and we like to go a step further for our customers by guaranteeing satisfaction through price matching.


1. Not valid if the counterpart is sold under promotion or at a discounted price.
2. Your order is already under production. Please claim price matching before placing order.

At EverDear & Co., it is our mission to make sure you are satisfied with your purchase. We are more than happy to guide and assist you at every step of the price matching process. If you have any questions regarding our ashes to diamonds cost price matching policies, please feel free to contact us at